Saturday, 22 December 2012

Beetroot mayonaise

This is my new discovery of the end of 2012.My friend Carolina made two dips last night for her birthday party that blew my mind.Theres a magic trinity of olive oil,garlic and lemon...that never seises to amaze me...this with the help of cooked beetroot it transforms into a beautiful vibrant coloured surprise that convinced me to blog again...this recipe is for life.

500g of beetroot
juice of one lemon
about 100ml of extra virgin olive oil
one garlic clove
salt and pepper

Boil the beetroot until tender(tip-if you leave an inch of the stalks the colour doesn,t bleed so much)..Drain and imediately rinse under cold water to remove the skins easily.Now blend all the ingredients together.Pop it into the fridge to firm up a wee bit and enjoy!This keeps in the fridge for three days.
Try the same recipe with boiled or steamed carrots!...It,s incredible.(and because I,m still addicted to cumin  I was thinking that the addition of a pinch of toasted cumin would be wonderful.)