Saturday, 31 January 2009

saturday rainy sleepy relaxing day

Hello from a wet rainy day ...The plan today was to take photos of the market...pero no,it will keep for another day.
A list of "to do,s "for the next two weeks:
  1. make candied ginger
  2. ginger ale
  3. sesame cookies
  4. fill up bases etc.
  5. draw anouky asleep atleast one pencil drawing
This is what i,d like to see soon skies and country walks

Friday, 30 January 2009

pommegranite and apple muffins

pommegranites are precious jewels...My photos are not beautiful,but I am beginning...I look at other blogs in awe and want to instantly make perfect pictures...but hey I,m learning,relax jean!
Now back to pommeganites .We had a very sad looking pommegranite in the fruit bowl for the last month,maybe was beginning to wrinkle...but inside it was perfect.From now on I,m gonna wait until theyre in that condition.The drunken,deep dark red colour disappeared after baking but the flavour was lovely and the muffins perfect ..not too sweet ,maybe the next time i,d put in a wee bit of lemon rind--
preheat oven to 180 degrees·
The recipe:
300g white flour
25g soya flour
150g white sugar
60g maize flour
25g dessicated coconut
19g baking powder
1/4 teaspoon vanilla sugar
Mix the dry ingredients together then make a well and add these wet ingredients:
150g of prommegranite precious seeds,fruit(whatever you call them)
125g of grated apple
300ml sunflower oil
200ml water
150ml soya milk
Mix figorously..whack the bejaysus (irish term) out of them and fill muffin or cup cake containers up to a level just over half way up....bake for 30 minutes..test to see if they are done by sticking a skewer in to the middle (if it comes out clean they are done)cool on a wire tray and enjoy.......

5 spice stirfry with tofu satay

Thursday, 29 January 2009

will I write?..WRITE, I WILL!

Am writing as always with anouk(my almost 8 month old girl)breastfeeding("plugged in"as I like to call it)Her moods,tooth aches etc, rule my days.Like great photos were imaginitive food..but heh in my tired mums way I,ve never been so happy in my life.
What I did make is a delicious,no two delicious cakes-chocolate,whiskey and walnut cake..devoured in two days..half calculated recipes but if anyone wants it I can whip it up-no seriously I intend to write it in the is bejond my control.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

stuffed cabbage rolls with spicy tomato sauce

Ah ,,how to give a name to food...that,s appetizing........well anyway it was.And all out of the freezer.I try and make big batches of tomatoe sauce without herbs or spices,so that when you defrost you have the bases for pasta,curry,soups..whatever.
Freezing is a mums saviour.(well very useful)I resently bought a few freezing books.The stuffed cabbage leaves are handy to make in larger quanities(and I always make too much stuffing) and the sausages I didn,t make are of tofu and spices(a natursoy organic product)and also freeze well.
Tomatoe sauce:
onions 1 or 2 finely diced
garlic 1 or two cloves sliced
fresh ripe tomatoes(difficult in january so you could use tinned)diced
carrot(half of)diced finely
red pepper diced
wee bit of sugar
salt and pepper
Fry onions in olive oil(a well flavoured extra virgin oil) until the garlic for a minute or two,then the red pepper,then the carrot.Let them sweat a bit..then throw in tomatoes and sugar.Keep the heat to a minimum and let them cook,reduce and mingle for a half an hour.salt and pepper to taste.
The choice is yours to blend the sauce or leave it chunky.
If not freezing the sauce I would add a fresh bay leaf,oregano and marjoram,or thyme and rosemary,good flavoured black olives or chilli flakes..all depends on personal tastes and what you want to serve it with.
Come back on course jean!sorry I ranted on.........
This sauce I added a bay leaf and oregano and chilli flakes(aji molido) and a good shower of black pepper and the sliced sausages.
Stuffed cabbage leaves:
Cut the outer leaves of a good curly cabbage and blance in boiling water for 2 minutes..remove and dry..on with the stuffing...
A mixture of onions and garlic fried with cooked boiled brown rice.thyme,walnuts.again the possibities are endless for stuffings but I won,t rant on.
Place the filling in the cabbage leaves.Fold the sides over the filling then roll one end to the other.To serve heat them up in the frying pan before to give them a nice golden colour...enjoy

Monday, 26 January 2009

I Love artichokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here be photos of todays food..and jean playing with letter types.I made a salad with the red cabbage and celery(from the photo of the other day)...with spring onions,carrots,apples,red cabbage,celery,mayo(soya or egg),walnuts,wine vinegar and umiboshi....ummm.
Then I sauted artichokes with lemon(to retain colour-does this work?),fresh mountain thyme,a guggle of wine and olive oil and more guggles of water..listo por maƱana..ready for tomorrow....

Sunday, 25 January 2009

I am a new mother of almost 8 months.Before that/this I made my living making items...mainly recycled and always one offs. Every now and then I,m going put in a few photos these....(from the beginning...the good ,the bad and the odd)

new blog,blog nuevo,blogeeni deasa nua!

where to start?here at the beginning.....

firstly hello... to everyone..

as with all new births ,i have no idea how this will end up...

mi vida deliciosa is about my life and what rocks my world...

mi sagrada familia






wild mushrooms.setas,setas,setas

and all other obsessions

am glad i started........the best is yet to come...and won,t it be fine