Friday, 20 May 2011

Organic fruit flavoured icecream

Get some creamy organic fruit yoghurt pour into some ice lolly moulds,pop them in the freezer and heh presto you have healthy, sugar free and additive free  icecream for your kids.
You could use a dairy free yoghurt.
Try dipping in chocolate  once frozen for adults.
Or dip,once frozen  in chopped mixed nuts and grated coconut.

If you don,t have icecream lolly moulds use small cups and put a stick in them or plastic spoon .
For adults you could use a cinnamon stick....they make such pretty icecream sticks.
AAhh the quickest posts are the bestest. 

Friday, 6 May 2011

Another quicky dessert

 A simple quicky and most lovely dessert...

Organic natural yogurt mixed with mille flores(flower) honey to taste.
Add a wee bit of grated lemon zest(just a tinch).
Serve with some chopped dates, banana and a swinkling of cinnamon.

Feel free to use a dairy free yoghurt with an agave syrup  for any vegans out there.

Dates are one of the super foods because they are rich in Iron-Add them to cakes ,breakfast cereals,track down some date syrup to add to tahini for sandwiches or on toast.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mixed green salad with strawberries.

Strawberries.Summer...all I can say is halelujah!
Get some mixed green salad leaves,add chopped strawberries,a good splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil ,salt and pepper and last minute some toasted seeds(pumpkin,sunflower and sesame seeds)
Perfect .

Toasted seeds are one of my kitchen stables..I try to sneak them into as much recipes as pòssible.
Boost your vitamin and mineral  intake with seeds and nuts.

Brown rice with artichokes

I love brown rice.It,s nutty and chewy and completely different to white rice.With it,s husk still on you have all the vitamins and goodness which disappears with white rice.
This recipe was created because I always cook too much rice and on this particular day I had about 8 cooked artichokes to use up aswell.

Saute one large onion (diced)in some olive oil.Cook until softened and slightly browned.
Add two small garlic cloves crushed.Saute for a minute or so.
Add a sprinkle of dried oregano,a small sprig of fresh rosemary and fresh thyme.
Cover with about half litre of organic tomato juice and a handful of pitted olives.
Simmer for 20 minutes.
Add cooked artichoke hearts and cooked brown rice.
Decorate with chive flowers.

The tomato juice is a new surprise for me because of it,s natural sweetness,s ideal to use like a tomato based stock.
Tinned artichokes could be used but the taste won,t be the same.
I used olives from aragon in Spain,but any good rich strong tasting olive could be used.Please don,t use ready pitted olives as they normally taste weird.Get some nice juicey ones that you can squeesh and pop the stone out easily.