Thursday, 29 January 2009

will I write?..WRITE, I WILL!

Am writing as always with anouk(my almost 8 month old girl)breastfeeding("plugged in"as I like to call it)Her moods,tooth aches etc, rule my days.Like great photos were imaginitive food..but heh in my tired mums way I,ve never been so happy in my life.
What I did make is a delicious,no two delicious cakes-chocolate,whiskey and walnut cake..devoured in two days..half calculated recipes but if anyone wants it I can whip it up-no seriously I intend to write it in the is bejond my control.


  1. Jeanieeeee!
    Tu fuiste mi primera gran inspiracion para crear un Blog... y sigo pacientemente esperando tus nuevas recetas! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    1. Eva linda gracias!estoy sonriendo aca en el otro lado del mundo ....y soñando de escribir otra love Love your blog lady!