Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Am v pleased with self ..yes self made good...
made good candied ginger
And self made ginger syrup!
Both influenced,copied ,stolen,learnt...compliments of David lebovitz.
I don,t know which is tastier the candy or syrup-both are super easy to make
and muy rico(delicious)
I used different quantities because I had less ginger..In the future I´m gonna double,triple it
Here be the recipe:
300g ginger(peeled and cut into matchsticks or sliced thinly)
500g sugar
600ml water
In a stainless steel pot cover ginger with water and boil for ten minutes-drain,and then repeat the process .
Put the sugar,water and ginger in the pot with a pinch of salt and cook until it reaches 225F.
I had no idea what was 225F,so I let it simmer away and then did my jam test...which is put a blob of syrup on a plate and leave to cool a little..he says until it reaches the consistency of runny honey.
Then I jarred the syrup and left the ginger in a colander for a while to leave excess syrup drip away.
Next step I coated the candied ginger with loads and loads of granulated sugar...y voila!
David always says he´s his mother´s son and hates waste...well how´s this:I saved the skin off the ginger to pop into chai tea(I freezed it)and the boiling water I used as stock for a pumpkin soup.
YES,SELF IS VERY PLEASED and wishes to blow her own trumpet.thank you to people like David Lebovitz for such easy to follow recipes and to self for trying

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