Wednesday, 15 April 2009

potato boats ...retro city

Potato love boats...
One thousand and one ways with spuds(potatoes)...hey I,m Irish
its in my blood

Hello!Long time no blog...
excuses I have many...teething baby.....easter weekend....
But these are all excuses ..sometimes I can,t take photos of everything I eat(even though I wish I did) but this blog is for enjoying and I ain,t a super mama ...yet.
The other day I made these stuffed potatoes.They looked as if they popped out of a magazine from the 80,s but they were delicious retro tasting none the less...

Boil or steam potatoes.(cooked earlier in day and ready for nighttime)
Cut in half lenthways,scoop out a hollow,mash scooped out part with salt and pepper.
Place on baking tray..maybe with garlic and a wee bit of olive oil.
I blasted them in a v hot oven to brown them up quickly(super mum needs time)
Fry onions rings in a wee bit of oil until browned(made earlier in day when there was time)
I filled them with a lentil dhal (well Adrian did and popped a chunk of fresh mozzarella in each one...which was surprisingly good)and topped them with the browned mashed potatoes and onions on top!

P.S. You could also fill them with a bolognese sauce...or what ever your heart desires.


  1. I'd love to have the lentil dhal recipe!!!
    Been thinking about you and our blogs, some ideas to discuss over a future meal :) love, c

  2. YUM!!!! Meat sauce in the potato, what a great idea!!!! See, I come from the land of corn, I'm not used to potatoes (they intimidate me a little) and I'm always completely blank when it comes to preparing them, always end up mashing them with garlic, butter and rosemary. But I'll try this idea for sure!

  3. I've made these before! I love potato boats. esp with their crispy skin. I once stuffed them with sardines salad, and they were delish!