Saturday, 18 July 2009

Smoked Tofu Loving

Get out your cookie cutters people please.
Play with food.
I used a heart shaped cutter but stars and wee circles could also be used.
Slice the smoked tofu then use cutter,fry until golden then add a splash of soya sauce at the end-
Or use marinated tofu..

I just thought that a plate of red peppers and red pasta in heart shapes would be gorgeous.With black olives and fresh basil.
Or stars yellow peppers,pumpkins,tofu marinated yellow with tumeric and spices in star shapes would be beautiful too.

These days I make my most creative food at night when I,m too tired to blog or take photos (13 month old babies are full on)...
But I always daydream of food...of combinations.It,s what makes me tick.Or one of my ticks.
Time is precious and I realize that alot more now that I choose to make little for myself and almost all for my little girl ...that includes food...It,s been salads ,stir-frys,stuffed courgettes,and super rapido foods which turn out to be delicious.
Why I,m babbling on is for those who also have little time to blog...Let,s relax and know that when the time comes it will be like a gorgeous explosion of ideas.
And knowing that time is precious I will enjoy it all the more when I can fully throw my self into blogging.But for now it,s day dreaming of cooking all day with a glass of wine...planing course after course of mouth watering delicacies,trying out new time consuming recipes,breads,pastas,being suprised and delighted that theres always something new to learn.


  1. thanks for the babbling, it's for me! love the tofu hearts, did anouk try them?

  2. Ah thanks for the comment cami!it,s for you,me and every busy mum(or other)..yep,anouk ate about three of them...she loves tofu and seitan.halilujah.