Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sole gin chocolate truffles!

Melt 56g of butter(or vegetable margarine).
Add the following...
200g icing sugar.
3 heaped desertspoons of cocoa powder.
100ml of sunflower oil.
100g pitted sloes well intoxicated in gin from 8 months ago.
150g soft tofu
Blend together with a electric handblender or whatever takes your fancy.
Add 50g raisins (which were soaked in sloe gin over night)

Leave in the fridge until it firms up a bit.

With the help of a teaspoon and hands(messy) or idealy a mini melon scoop ,form the mixture into balls and leave on a tray in the freezer.

Melt about 150g dark 70% chocolate in a bain marie(mary,s bath?).

Dip the balls quickly into the melted chocolate and leave to cool on baking parchment.
Top some with walnut pieces.
Leave some with just the chocolate topping.
Don,t dip in chocolate and roll in dessicated coconut.
UMM or toasted mixed chopped nuts.

Store in the freezer .
Enjoy in winter time, summer time etc
Or with a wee glass of sloe gin.
Or with a coffee.
One at a time ...these babies are powerful!

It was my first time attempt at truffles and I am v v happy.
The butter doesn,t add to the flavor at all so margarine could easily be used to make vegan.
If you dont have any sloes in could add more raisins soaked in rum or whatever alcohol that you wish but maybe blend half with truffle mixture .
The freezer is my new God since Adrian made an orange and coconut ice-cream yesterday...Will be playing with the icecream machine more these days.
Happy summer and icecream eating people.

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