Friday, 4 November 2011

Aduki bean and spinach stew

Put some roasted garlic (4 cloves for four big tomatoes)in a saucepan and warm them in extra virgen olive oil ,Add four large tomatoes chopped and diced with a generous amount of freshly chopped basil(or pesto)....leave to bubble and reduce for about a half an hour,liquidize and put to one side.

Measure one cup of aduki beans and half a cup of spelt grains and cover with three cups of salted  water.Toss in a few fennel stalks.a celery stick,some parsley stalks,and one or two bay leaves.Cook for one hour on medium heat,remove the stalks and sticks and bay leaves,drain and set aside.

Cram as much well washed spinach into a saucepan with a sprinkle of salt and a tablespoon of heated olive oil on the bottom.Pop the lid on and  leave to cook until softened and shrunk...this should take a minute or so.Drain and season.

Fry some cooked potatoes until golden add some cooked brocoli at the last moment.

Combine the bean mixture,tomato sauce and chopped cooked spinach -heat it up ,bowl it up and top with the golden potato and brocoli.

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