Sunday, 27 November 2011

Anouks Biscuits

These are not healthy.These are butter melting cookie explosions that are so easy my 3 year old daughter made them...
...with a little help from mama.Baking with kids is a lesson in patience.You can tell your kids to keep the work space clean but when bowls of flour are involved there will be a big mess afterwards.But nothing can prepare you for their joy and pride as they make their first cookies.

Anouks Butter Cookies
85g butter(I like salted)
50g white sugar
30g dark sugar
115g white flour
3 teaspoons of custard powder

As I said before these are not healthy-you could use all brown sugar if you add cinnamon and you could try half wholemeal and half white flour but it will change the texture greatly-They are utterly delicious- light and crisp and were devoured before I could take the "after" photo. To teach children the joys of baking let them make something that they will love.

Preheat oven at 180c.
Cut the butter into small cubes or very roughly chopped pieces of my daughter and add the sugar.All the cook books say cream the sugar and butter together which we did but with clean hands,which is much more fun-squishing butter in your hands for a three year is up there with splashing in puddles.
Add the flour and custard powder -again with hands(if baking with kids) until it forms a soft dough.
Sprinke some flour on the work(or play) surface and on a rolling pin.Roll out the mixture to about 5mm in thickness and cut out shapes using cookie cutters .You could use play dough cutters(if v clean) a plastic glass,or free styling and cut out your self some gingerbread men or some butterflies,etc,etc,etc

Keep cutting,re flouring,re rolling until you fill two baking trays making sure to leave a half an inch of space in between each biscuit and pop it into the oven for 7 minutes and lightly golden(they will firm up quickly when the come out of the oven)

Anouk put a blob of apricot jam on top of the biscuits before popping them into the oven-try other jams too.
A day later after making these I experimented by adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder for chocolate biscuits and baking on my own took 15 minutes-super quick and much more delicious than any buscuits you can buy.

I have a cunning plan to get my daughter obsessed with cooking so she,ll be preparing the meals when shes 5...It,s so crazy it just might work!

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