Wednesday, 18 January 2012

umiboshi salad dressing

We just came back from holidays in Argentina-the food was delicious,christmas time; but I ate too much.Too much dairy products(pizza,pasta and amazing desserts),Too much white flour(again pizza,pasta etc)and my body was calling for a break.I,m a great beleiver in listening to your body and what it asks for ...if  you listen to your body it will kindly more please-an overload in rich food screams acidity and my body now is asking for alkaline....
I,m eating quinoa,brown rice ,seaweeds,lemon(alkaline even though hard to imagine)and all the lovely organic and health foods they have in Europe(in Argentina they very scarse and almost non existent).So this salad dressing was salt free("umbohi is made with salted plums Jean!","yes I know, but it has a magic effect of turning acid into alkaline and help to sooth abused bellies""-okay I,ll say added salt","better?","Yes, thankyou"-end of internal discusions)

The soothing dressing-still with zing and totally delicious....
A teaspoon of umiboshi paste
Juice of one lemon
Basil infused olive oil or noninfused(about half a cup)
Quarter cup of sunflower oil

Place all the ingredients in a jam jar and shake the bejaysus out of it("shake a lot"-translation in Irish English)
Yummy-This will keep well in the fridge for a week at least-just shake well befor use.

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