Monday, 16 March 2009

Coriander and almond pesto

Take one bunch of coriander,one clove of garlic,half a handful of almonds(raw if you want a smooth paste-toasted if you want some texture),squeeze of a lime or a lemon,chopped and seeded red chilli(about a thumbnail size),olive oil (about a tablespoon).Liquidize until you have a smooth paste and salt to taste(or more lemon,chilli or,s all about playing folks...see what you like)
I make this always as a thick paste with a layer of olive oil on top will keep for weeks in the fridge.its greated oiled down as a dressing,or on pasta,or on crostini,or in thai curries,or,or ,or....

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  1. Hola,

    Llegué por casualidad a tu blog y me gusta mucho. Tu pesto luce excelente, no lo he probado de esta manera (siempre con albahaca) seguro me animo y lo pruebo pronto