Wednesday, 25 March 2009

puy lentil,potato and parsley salad

Happy springtime people!

I love puy lentils.I love their nutty earthy flavour.I love that they cook quickly and keep their shape.This is a fairly poderoso(powerfull) salad and super healthy.Pity about the picture(says perfectionist and self critical Jean)but heh its a new blog and I,m learning.I love parsley with this salad...its pure earth pleasure...

the vinegrette..
olive oil
white wine vinegar
dijon mustard
pinch of dried parsley
bigger pinch of dried tarragon
salt and pepper

Sweat some leeks finely diced in a wee bit of olive oil and a dash of water.
Finely dice carrots(organic or local with real flavour)and add to leeks.
Finely dice celery and add to leeks.
Meanwhile cook and cool lentils.
Same with potatoes cook and cool.
Stir in vinegrette with loads of fresh parsley.

I didn,t put exact measurements ...if anyone needs them just ask..
The salad can be served hot,cold or warm...

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