Friday, 27 March 2009

Fathers day cake of the chocolate and orange variety

This was a rapido(fast fast) cake I made for my love as it was fathers day...
I should have written papi ,but no, I wrote popi(the equivalent of daddy or doddy)...
Endless designs, symbols and words are possible on this cake...
Just remember to spell properly...

Preheat the oven to 180c...
Grease a baking tray(6x10 inches)

Mix together..

300g white organic flour
25g soya flour
60g maize flour(semolina)
20g baking powder
200g sugar

Have another bowl ready for chocolate mixture

Mix the liquids
300ml sunflower oil
150ml soya (or other) milk
200 to 250ml water

Add dry ingredients to liquids..
Beat well.

Separate a portion of cake mixture to the awaiting bowl and add cocoa powder(a good dutch or 75% cocoa gives a fuller flavour) to taste and maybe with a bit of vanilla essence or choosen alcohol.
The larger portion of cake mixture add juice and rind of one orange(I used a natural organic orange essence instead...if using juice cut back on the water )
Pour orange mixture into the tray and smooth out to the edges...
Then with the chocolate mixture write your choosen words...
examples..hearts,love,some ones name,or abtract like a pollack painting...
Back for 25 minutes doing the skewer test as I,ve mentioned in previous cake recipes...

As with all vegan(egg free) cakes let cool completely before attempting to cut it.
The mixture needs to be quite liquidy dont worry if it seems like a lot it will turn out perfectly
You could always change the flavours...
Just keep the mixtures different colours or tones..

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