Tuesday, 10 March 2009

roast artichokes with lemon dip

This is one of the simplest and most delicious ways of eating artichokes.Roasting enhances the flavour and the bottom of the artichoke becomes wonderfully caramely and crunchy..

First remove extra leaves on the stalks.
Cut the very tip of the stalk.
Cook artichokes in boiling water untill you can sink a fork between the base and the stalk.
Remove and drain of water.
Cut off stalks.
Place artichokes bottom side down with stalks alongside(they are so yummy)on a oiled(olive)baking tray with a chunk of lemon tucked into the top and a few garlics( with skin on) thrown around artistically.Awee bit of coarsely ground sea salt and pop into a hot oven..200c untill the bottoms are well brown (see photo above)
Take out the garlic when soft,this might be earlier than the artichokes or not.

Beat lemon juice and olive oil with a wee bit of salt and pepper.(and roast garlic if wished)

Gingerly stare off leaves, dip in the lemon mixture and thank the universe for artichoke season and their existense..

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